Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble

Most people enter into a marriage with the best of intentions. No one ever walks into a marriage thing “Well, we will probably get divorced a few years.” A divorce can be a traumatic and emotionally scarring event. A recent survey of people who were recently divorced asked the question, “Did you see it coming?” and the answer was a resounding yes. However, most of these people admitted to overlooking or blatantly disregarding these red flags. A divorce is not always inevitable and recognizing the signs that your marriage may be in trouble is key to avoiding this, sometimes, catastrophic outcome.

One way to decide if your marriage is really in trouble, or you’re just going through a rough patch, is to determine how unhappy you really are. Often time’s people feel extremely guilty for being unhappy or dissatisfied in their marriage. However if these feelings are fleeting, you may simply be experiencing a bump in the road. If the issue can be resolved your marriage is probably in a good place. If, however, the issue cannot be resolved and you find yourself feeling unhappy more than anything else, it may be time to consider couples therapy or a very honest conversation between you and your spouse about the state of your marriage.

Another fairly obvious sign that your marriage may be in trouble is when one or both people stop trying to please the other one. The biggest example of this is your sex life. If one or both abuse withholding sex for extended periods of time there could be an issue. Now, that is not to say that just because your husband or wife doesn’t want to have sex with you a few nights in a row that your marriage is on the rocks. However, if you go weeks and months without being physically intimate this could be a sign that your marriage has issues that need to be addressed. Sex is not the end all be all in gauging how well your relationship is going; it is just one piece in a larger puzzle.

Another sign that your marriage may be struggling is the occurrence of arguing. And we’re not talking about arguments they may arise over serious issues even though that can be a factor, we are talking about arguing that occurs over silly, petty issues. If he left the toilet seat up and you proceeded to berate him and belittle him, there is probably a deeper issue. If she left her cosmetics all over the bathroom counter and you continued to bring it up for days and days making her feel terrible about it, you probably have other things that need to be said and other issues that need to be addressed.

In a troubled marriage or relationship small issues can turn into larger issues without communication. A lack of communication and understanding between two people will at some point lead you to an argument that could’ve been avoided. Communicating effectively can be a difficult issue, but if you love your partner, and you are both willing to work together to create a healthy loving relationship then you will find the strength encouraged to do what is necessary to save your relationship. Do not ignore the signs, confront these issues early on and save yourself and your partner a lot of pain and heartache.