Men are From Mars and Women From Venus

Every young man and woman dream of falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after. We all want to believe that life is a bed of roses. Each girl dreams that she is a princess and waits for the handsome prince to come and whisk her away and steal her heart. Children are innocent and they grow up believing in all good things. Therefore it is quite natural to see girls giving their hearts away and pinning their hopes on boys who fancy them. In quiet a few cases, the high school romance blossoms into early marriage. In fact the couples enter into holy matrimony even before they have had a chance at being independent adults and understanding themselves better.

Though the couples believe that their relationship is on rock solid foundation, it doesn’t take more than a few years to realize that they both are different from what they thought to be. It is not that the couples grow apart but the individual’s character begins to unfold. Women are generally endowed with a bit more patience and ability to withstand pressures when compared to men. Women are emotionally intelligent too. There is a bit of a mother in every woman and girl and this makes it possible for her to extend herself and adjust to everyone in the family. Compared to women, men are far less patient and have a narrow bandwidth of tolerance.

One main factor that separates men from women and makes it difficult for them to deal with themselves is the fact that men keep their thoughts and perceptions within themselves and tend to bury their feelings within themselves. Generally it is difficult for them to speak up openly and confront their inner demons, whereas for women speaking up is very normal and comes easily. Women are able to discuss and share their issues, problems, feelings and look at themselves objectively. It is this ability to share their problems and worries with others and unburden makes them more resilient.

Men grow up carrying a lot of skeletons in their cupboards. Many of them would have had painful experiences and traumas that they faced in their childhood but never shared with anyone. Those who were not loved and cherished in the family grow up with the hurt that never goes away even when they marry and become fathers themselves. In many cases, we see men having male impotence and erectile dysfunction problems. It has been found that more than 50% of the male impotence has its causes in deep psychological and emotional distress within the patient that results in physical manifestation as ED problems. Any emotional stress in their relationship with their spouse or external pressures that they face in life can trigger hormonal imbalance as well as impair their body system resulting in erectile dysfunction. It is also normal to see men taking to drinking and smoking in order to deal with stressful situations and over a period of time, these habits destroy the body as well as makes men impotent.

Though men are far more intelligent as compared to women in general, they tend to ignore these facts and make life difficult for themselves. Women on the other hand are more smarter and able to look at life squarely and take whatever comes to them and live happily.